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Accelerating India’s
into Sustainable Transportation

A Groundbreaking Software Platform to help EV, Battery, Motor, and VCU OEMs accelerate hardware innovations.

IoT-based EV Data Solutions For


Unmatched Performance, Safety, and Reliability Analytics

Battery Pack OEMs

Data Insights to Optimize Battery Lifecycle

Fleet Operators​

Optimize Operations, Boost Uptime, and Enhance Efficiency

Leasing & Financing Companies

De-risk Loan Given Defaults (LGD)

Insurance Providers

Insure with Confidence: Fast-track Claims, Satisfied Clients

Roadside Assistance Providers

Eliminate Guesswork and Reduce Remediation Efforts

Intuions Resources

Explore the latest developments and trends in the electric vehicle market and the charging infrastructure, including expert analysis, informative resources, and actionable insights.


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…and many more

Collaborate with Intuions. Be a part of an inclusive EV ecosystem.

Accelerating the India’s transition into Sustainable Transportation

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