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Seamlessly integrating data-driven insights, predictive analytics, and proactive monitoring from OEMs to end-users. Experience unparalleled efficiency, optimal performance, and a sustainable future for electric vehicles.

Intuions enable OEMs to monitor and control various components of EVs such as battery management system (BMS), motor controller unit (MCU), and Vehicle Control Unit (VCU).


  • Intuions integrates with your existing EVs ecosystem and starts collecting valuable Electric Vehicle data and other EV components data that you can turn into actionable insights to help you improve important KPIs.
  • Gain insights and diagnostics of many EV controller issues to help you provide efficient troubleshooting and predictive maintenance.
  • Agnostic APIs to integrate essential EV charging data into your current systems (CRM, ERP solutions, BI Platform)
Intuions enables BMS OEMs to gain a more comprehensive understanding of battery health and performance by integrating and analyzing battery data throughout the battery’s lifecycle.   BMS OEMs
  • Battery life expectancy prediction based on charging cycles and vehicle usage patterns.
  • Battery safety prediction by analyzing battery overheating patterns, insulation failure, and cell imbalance.
  • Breakdown prediction based on battery-related problems and on-field data from the vehicle, battery packs, and chargers.
  • Battery performance and range prediction based on battery charging and vehicle usage behavior.
By leveraging intuitions, MCU OEMs gain valuable insights into product performance and usage patterns, leading to informed decisions and improved efficiency.   EV Charger OEM
  • Gain valuable insights into motor performance, optimizing efficiency, and reliability.
  • Identify potential motor issues proactively, thereby reducing downtime and improving predictive maintenance strategies.
  • Implement data-driven design improvements for motor control units to achieve more precise control and seamless integration within electric vehicle systems.

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