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We are Revolutionizing the
EV Ecosystem

Driving Change in Sustainable Transportation. Our commitment to revolutionizing the EV Ecosystem defines our vision for a greener and smarter future. Join us on the journey towards sustainable mobility solutions

Our Values

Our values aren’t just ornamental words; they are the heartbeat of our actions and behaviors. We hold in high esteem those who embody these ideals.


Ethical Empathy

This isn’t merely a skill but a guiding force. Understanding others, including our team members and customers, requires a deep, ethical perspective. It’s about foreseeing the ripple effects of our decisions and standing firm against undue influence. At its core, empathy thrives on thoughtful communication – listening intently and speaking clearly.


Dare to be Different

We’re champions of imagination, constantly questioning and redefining the norm. Our quest for being distinctively better drives us towards innovation, efficiency, and simplicity. We’re unafraid to voice unique ideas or challenge actions misaligned with our values.


Problems Make Us Better

Our innate curiosity fuels our journey. We’re passionately committed to understanding our goals, current status, and the path to success. Complex challenges invigorate us, especially those deemed nearly impossible.


Focus & Mindfulness

We dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to creating value – not just for users but for the world. Our mantra is responsible productivity, preferring long-term benefits over short-term gains. Our vision and belief are our pillars of strength.


Build with Passion

Our work is an extension of our lives. We blend passion with purpose, making work life-enriching. This integration drives subconscious productivity, especially when pursuing grand missions. Our pursuit of excellence isn’t just for us – it’s a beacon for others.


Empowering People is True Success

We honor the diverse contributions of our team, fostering growth and integrity. Our ethos is steeped in selflessness, transparency, and honesty, creating a culture where success is shared, and politics have no place.
Intrigued by our values? Live them every day. Join us on our journey.

Design Principles

A Deep Dive into the Core Principles that Define Our Approach to Crafting User-Centric Solutions

Crafting Extraordinary Value

Crafting Extraordinary Value

Our platform isn’t just a tool; it’s a catalyst for transformation. We focus on creating exceptional value that elevates every user experience.

Simplicity as the Starting Point

Simplicity as the Starting Point

We begin with simplicity, ensuring ease and intuitiveness. From there, we gracefully evolve into customizable solutions, tailored to meet diverse needs.

Empowering Through Automation

Empowering Through Automation

Our goal is to turn routine tasks into automated processes, liberating creativity and efficiency. This isn’t just about doing things faster; it’s about doing them smarter.

Cost-Effective Innovation with Algorithms

Cost-Effective Innovation with Algorithms

We leverage cutting-edge algorithms to not only enhance functionality but also to optimize costs. This strategic use of technology ensures we deliver more for less.

Data-Driven Evolution

Data-Driven Evolution

Our product’s journey is guided by insightful data, constantly adapting and improving through heuristic analysis. This approach ensures continuous progress and relevance.


Smart Alert System

Smart Alert System

We’ve designed an optimal alert mechanism to keep you informed without overwhelming you. It’s about getting the right information at the right time.

Dynamic Feature Prioritization

Dynamic Feature Prioritization

Our features evolve based on user needs and feedback. This adaptive approach ensures that we’re always addressing the most critical aspects first.

Rapid Development and Learning Cycle

Rapid Development and Learning Cycle

We embrace a ‘ship fast, learn fast’ philosophy. This accelerates innovation and learning, helping us to quickly adapt and improve.

Strategic Information Placement

Strategic Information Placement

Our methodology is clear – essential and most-used features are within two steps reach. Important, frequently used ones are a maximum of three steps away. Everything else is organized for accessibility but not in the way. This tiered approach ensures efficiency and ease of use.

Our Team

Crafting Excellence Together​

At the heart of our work lies a profound truth: the more we infuse our work with life, the more vibrant our lives become. This philosophy is key to unlocking our subconscious productivity and passion.

Our team is a dynamic blend of high-energy engineers and a core group of seasoned executives. Each member boasts an average of 18 years of rich experience in software development, with a proven track record in product development consulting. We’ve made significant contributions to Fortune 500 companies and startups alike, particularly in the realms of IoT, Mobile Apps, Cloud, and Web Applications. Our legacy is solid, marked by the creation of over 1500 software applications and collaborations with renowned companies such as Bosch, Mercedes AMG, Tata, and many more.

Our culture is unique and spontaneous, cultivated by individuals who thrive on innovation, learning, and harmonious growth. This environment not only fosters exceptional productivity but also elevates the work experience to something truly transcendent.

The diversity and instinctive expertise within our team set us apart. We are a powerhouse of technology, seamlessly integrating our values and experiences to overcome any challenge. Together, we stand as an indomitable force in the world of technology.

Collaborate with Intuions. Be a part of an inclusive EV ecosystem.

Accelerating the India’s transition into Sustainable Transportation

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