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Amp Up Your Brand Value with an EV Charging Station for Workplace

Amp Up Your Brand Value with an EV Charging Station for Workplace

Do you know a total of 10.5 million new EVs were sold during 2022, which was 55% higher compared to 2021?

With more and more people switching to eco-friendly transportation, EVs are here to stay. According to Goldman Sachs Research, EV sales will soar to about 73 million units by 2040. 

The growing number of EVs has set in motion a series of changes in the infrastructure. 

With a significant number of people living in large residential complexes and condominiums, installing charging points at home doesn’t always offer a viable solution. 

That’s where EV charging station for workplace is getting incredible public attention. 

Why Installing Workplace EV Charging Stations is the Need of the Hour?

A workplace – be it a corporate office, retail park, or industrial plant – is an ideal place to leave an EV to charge. Generally, cars at the workplace sit idly for approximately 8-9 hours. This duration is sufficient for an electric vehicle to charge its battery fully. 

Kantar, a leading data analysis company based in London, conducted a survey throwing light on the connection between workplace EV charging stations and buyers’ decision behavior. 

Around 60% of EV drivers in the UK said that a workplace EV charging facility is one of the major factors that could impact their decision to buy an electric vehicle. 

Moreover, 25% said that having a workplace EV charging would have little influence on their purchase decision. 

While only 16% said that the availability of workplace EV chargers would have minimal to zero impact on their buying decision.  

Get a Competitive Edge with Workplace EV Charging Stations 

Before we dive deeper into why investing in EV charging stations at the workplace is important, let’s see some stats:

  • According to EVBox, the demand for workplace EV infrastructure rose from 27% in 2020 to 32% in 2022. 
  • Moreover, a report by the U.S. Department of Energy found a correlation between plug-in vehicle ownership and accessibility to EV charging at the workplace. 
  • Plus, an estimated 63% of full-time employees would prefer to buy an EV over a traditional vehicle. 

These stats clearly implies one thing – E-mobility is the future! 

This growing demand for EV charging stations in the workplace can impact every organization. 

Even if the current employees aren’t yet driving EVs, many of them might consider having an EV sooner or later. 

Further, potential employees (Gen Zs and Millennials) and clients are more likely to drive EVs by the end of this decade.

Invest in EV Charging Station, Invest in Future – Amazing Benefits for Employers

Installing an EV charging station at any workplace is a smart investment. And here’s why: 

Invest in EV Charging Station – Amazing Benefits for Employers

1. Boosts Employee Experience and Morale 

The eight-hour workday presents the perfect opportunity to plug in an EV and charge it. 

Employees can drive up every morning to their office, connect EVs to the charger, work for the day, and drive off with a fully charged EV. 

This ease and convenience make workplace charging a popular option only after residential charging. 

According to a report, 7 out of 10 drivers in the UK would find an organization offering amenities such as EV charging more enticing. 

Moreover, EV charging at workplaces is about more than just offering a facility. It indicates that your business is taking steps toward a sustainable future. 

2. Solves Range Anxiety For Employees, or Visiting Clients

More EVs mean an increase in the need for adequate charging stations. An underdeveloped charging infrastructure is a major reason for the delay in EV adoption. 

Despite the huge price tag attached to an EV, 40% of potential EV drivers cited limited charging infrastructure as a prominent reason for not going electric.

An EV charging station at the workplace not only solves the range anxiety among the employees but also encourages them to make the switch to EVs. 

3. EV Charging for Workplace – A Step Toward Green Future 

The world is gradually adopting new ways to counter the ill effects of climate change. Therefore, being committed to sustainability is a matter of pride, and installing an EV charging station is the first step towards making a difference. 

With people becoming environmentally conscious, having an EV charging station on the company’s premises is a tell-all sign of a business’s commitment to a sustainable future. 

Moreover, by offering EV charging stations, organizations can reduce their carbon footprint, become energy self-reliant, and achieve zero emissions. 

Additionally, workplace EV charging infrastructure encourages more employees to embrace the EV and actively contribute towards a better future. 

4. Create a Relaxing Environment for Employees

Employees’ happiness quotient is directly proportional to their productivity. And better productivity means improved bottom lines. 

Providing staff numbers convenience of charging EVs on the workplace premises is one of the most effective ways to keep them worry-free. 

Employees can feel relaxed and have peace of mind when they know their vehicles are plugged-in within the premises.  They don’t have to fret about their cars getting towed away, damaged, or stolen away. 

Moreover, if any staff member forgets to charge the EV at home or public charging point, they don’t need to worry. They can plug in their cars at workplace charging stations while they work. 

5. Gain Employee Loyalty 

Famous American businessman Harvey Mackay once said “Employee loyalty begins with employer loyalty.”

Offering basic facilities such as an EV charging infrastructure at office premises can speak volumes about a company’s dedication towards their employee. 

It shows how much the organization values, cares, and appreciates its employees and is ready to take proactive steps to make them feel relaxed and stress-free. 

Such steps make the employee stay longer with the company. Also, with an EV charging station, companies can motivate their employees to contribute towards the global EV movement. 

6. Builds a Strong Brand Value for Business 

We live in a digital world. If your brand is not online, you are practically invisible. 

Embracing advanced technology is a great way to build a strong brand value for your company. 

Setting up EV charging stations helps your organization to create a strong brand value on social media for adopting green energy to help the environment. 

Moreover, pinning an EV charging station on Google Maps is one of the most effective ways to become noticeable on the internet. This directly benefits your business as it becomes easy to attract customers and take your business to the next level.

7. Stay Ahead of the Curve 

With more and more employees shifting to electric vehicles, drivers need to be able to charge their cars at the workplace. Offering a dedicated charging facility means the chances of your business being picked above the competition go several notches up. 

In addition, an EV charging station provides an unparalleled experience and increases the possibility of retaining employees and customers. 

8. Gear up for the Future: Electrify your Fleet

If a business owns a large fleet of EVs or wants to add more vehicles to the fleet, it is time to set up an EV charging infrastructure. This will make the transition to e-mobility smoother, easier, streamlined, and less time-consuming. 

9. Enhances the Realty Value of Your Organization

With a surge in EVs, employees, and visitors find a workplace with basic amenities like an EV charging infrastructure more appealing. 

Besides, such office complexes can attract new employees and retain the existing ones who are interested in sustainable practices. 

With EVs becoming a common sight, most drivers are looking for places where they can conveniently charge their cars. And a property with EV charging infrastructure can fetch more value in the real estate market. 

EV Charging Station for Workplace: Benefits for Employees

Stepping up an EV charging station on your business premise has two-fold benefits. Not only does it provide a business with a competitive edge, but it also benefits employees, tenants, and customers.

Workplace EV Charging Station – Amazing Benefits for Employees

From offering convenience to charging EVs in a secure place to boosting productivity, the benefits are many. Here is how exactly EV charging for business impact employee happiness:

1. Charging EVs at the Workplace is Convenient 

When it comes to EV charging at business complexes, offering convenience is one of the significant benefits. Rather than relying on home chargers, EV drivers prefer to charge at workplaces. 

One of the primary reasons EV drivers prefer workplace charging units is that it considerably eliminates range anxiety. 

While the chances of an EV battery going dead in the middle of nowhere is minimal, charging station at workplaces provides employees peace of mind. 

Additionally, over 42% of EV drivers find charging too time-consuming. 

By connecting their cars to electric chargers at the workplace, employees can get a fully charged EV. 

They don’t require to take some hours off from their work or leisure day to charge the EVs at some public charging stations. 

Also, not every EV driver might have access to home chargers. Therefore, making workplace charging becomes even more essential. 

2. Save Fuel Costs For Employees

Having an EV charging station at the workplace provides employee convenience in charging their cars during workdays. This helps the employee save time and money as they don’t need to make detours or extra stops to charge the vehicle. 

Additionally, the rise of EVs has reduced dependency on traditional fuels. By installing EV charging stations, businesses can encourage their employees to switch to EVs and thus help them save exorbitant fuel costs. 

Also, when businesses install EV charging stations, the employees can have easy access to low-cost electricity to charge up their vehicles. 

3. Reduce Carbon Footprint

A traditional fossil-fueled vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of CO2 per year. Experts agree that EVs play a more pivotal role in lowering carbon footprint than fossil fuel-powered vehicles. 

Building a workplace charging infrastructure can considerably lower the carbon footprint of employee or customer commutation. 

Besides, companies with a huge headcount mean employee commutation adds up to the carbon emission.

Workplace EV charging stations can motivate employees to switch to e-mobility, thus helping them make their contribution towards a green future. 

4. Better Productivity Means Better Bottom Line

One of the reasons why most people still hesitate to buy EVs is range anxiety. However, offering the convenience of charging at a business premise reduces range anxiety among employees. 

With less time wasted searching for a public charging station, the employees can reach the office on time, making them more productive.

Additionally, offering employees such amenities can make them feel valued and appreciated. Needless to say, happy employees are more productive and work efficiently. 

5. EV-driving Employees Are Liable for More Tax Incentives 

Governments across the globe are committed to encouraging making EVs more mainstream to meet climate change targets. 

As a part of this initiative, governments are offering a range of incentives for EV-driving employees. 

For example, the UK government announced tax reliefs for employees using corporate EVs for personal use. Similarly, the German government also gives tax exemptions for EV drivers who charge their cars on their employer’s premises. 

Make Your Workplace EV-Friendly With the Following Types of Chargers

Global workplaces are gradually adapting to an influx of new EVs, with many taking their role seriously in this transition. 

It has become essential to develop robust charging infrastructure to handle the number of EVs on the road. 

Different workplaces have different needs depending on their unique situation and requirements. 

While some industries like logistics want to electrify large corporate fleets, others are looking for ways to offer EV charging as a perk to the employees or a paid service to visiting clients. 

Based on the varying different types of chargers are required. And with multiple types of chargers available, it is difficult to determine which one is the ideal choice.

In this section, we will discuss the main types of EV chargers to pick which option is best for your organization: 

Types of EV Chargers
Types of EV Chargers
  1. Level 1 Charger 

Level 1 chargers are the most basic ones and provide charging via 120 volts alternating current (AC) plug. 

Level 1 chargers are portable, simple to use, and easy to carry. Therefore, it doesn’t require any complex installation process. 

These chargers come with a standard, three-prong household plug that is generally found on a washer or refrigerator. On the other end, there is a connector that can be plugged into the vehicle for charging the batteries. 

Are these the best charger for workplace EV charging infrastructure? The simple answer is NO!  Since these chargers are basic, they are ideal for overnight charging at homes, as it typically takes 8-12 hours to fully charge up a depleted battery. 

Though Level 1 chargers are mostly compatible with both EVs and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, they are an excellent option for PHEVs as their batteries are smaller compared to BEVs. 

  1. Level 2 EV Charger 

Compared to the level 1 charger, these are a little expensive. However, they are faster and can charge a fully-depleted battery in 4-6 hours. 

Since Level 2 chargers use 240-volt AC plug, it requires proper installation at homes, public places, or workplaces.

Level 2 chargers are typically used for residential places, public parking spaces, commercial premises, and large corporate houses. 

Generally, level 2 chargers are available in the range of 12, 16, 20, 24, 40, 48, or 64 amps. 

Depending on the battery capacity, the chargers can be set to ease off the current electricity levels to charge the EV when the grids are volatile. 

  1. Level 3 Charger 

Level 3 chargers are also known as DC fast charger, and uses 480V, DC (direct current) plug. 

Most of these chargers can easily charge up the fully-exhausted battery up to 80% in as less as 30 minutes. However, low atmospheric temperatures can lower the charging speed.  

These chargers are generally found in the public charging station and are ideal for workplace EV charging infrastructure at large corporate offices. 

In addition, level 3 chargers are compatible with a diverse range of EV models. These chargers are an excellent choice if you are looking for the quickest and most convenient way to charge EVs. 

Which Workplaces Can Benefit By Installing EV Charging Points? 

Every business is different, and so are its requirements for installing EV charging points. For example:

  • Corporate offices and large commercial complexes – A workplace EV charging station can create profitable opportunities for all the stakeholders of the commercial complexes. The employees or visiting clients can take advantage of their working hours to charge their EVs. 
  • Logistics companies and corporate fleets – With EVs becoming mainstream, corporate fleets, and logistics companies are gradually moving towards e-mobility. These industries can gain from EV charging infrastructure by offering charging facilities right on their premises. 
  • Hospitality and retail industry – Hotels and resorts can provide EV charging facilities to their guests at a nominal rate. This not only boosts their brand value but also provides an extra source of income. 

Similarly, retail spaces like supermarkets or malls can leverage EV charging stations to increase their footfall. 


Workplaces are emerging as the most convenient places to charge an EV. For many EV drivers, charging at work will become common shortly. 

This offers businesses to embrace the upcoming shift and prep up for future demands by equipping their premise with a robust EV charging infrastructure.

If you are looking for experts to install EV charging stations for the workplace, get in touch with Intuions. We have the experience and expertise in offering customized, advanced, and top-notch technological solutions.

Based out of India, Nilay has over 20+ years of experience in running software firms, managing operations, and driving business development activities. His strong techno-commercial insights in loT, Web & Mobile has resulted in setting up many B2B partnerships and getting large enterprise deals across USA, Europe, and Middle East.

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